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VISA Assistance

PNI International knows that many of those who aspire to live and work abroad are not sure of the procedures and requirements needed. At this stage, Visa assistance is recommended for a more accurate processing.

With years of being in the recruitment industry, our highly experienced team has helped many candidates by taking into account their every concern. Through the years, PNI International learned how to effectively maximize the chance of fulfilling a candidate’s dream of working and living abroad. PNI International guarantees accurate advice and a service that is reliable With the company’s reliable expertise, unnecessary delays will be avoided. Thus, PNI International always follow a systematic methodology to prevent errors.

Once you have a work permit, submit all the documents needed and rely on our team to do a thorough review and evaluation. PNI International ensures that you will be kept informed of your application status. We can ultimately assist you through the whole process efficiently and promptly. To get started, please contact us at 02 631 5206 local 624, Erich Andea,Click here

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