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Recruitment and Placement

PNI International Corporation has been a leader in HR industry and being able to deploy thousands of skilled workers and professionals, PNI International is a top choice in partnering with recruiting and placement services.

The staff are considered as directly hired by the client. We ensure that the best talents are sent as well as all travel and foreign governmental procedures and pre-deployment preparations are arranged.

Depending on the job specifications the whole recruitment process takes 1-3 weeks that includes sourcing, screening, shortlisting and employer interviews.

Accreditation Process for Foreign Employers

In hiring Filipino workers, POEA mandates employer to undergo an accreditation process through a recruiting agency the client is partnering with. This, the authority will acknowledge the client as a bonafide employer of the selected candidates. Please refer to the process below.

1. You send us the formal Job Order Request

2. We will send you a set of documents for your signature. You proceed to POLO (Philippine Overseas Labor Office) near you and have all the documents authenticated along with the following:
a. Photocopy of your Trade/Business License with English Translation
b. Valid ID or passport copy of the Authorized Signatory

3. As soon as the authentication is done, you courier the documents directly to PNI International and we shall be working the rest of the accreditation process.

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