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Outsourced Contract Services

Philippines has been named as the top outsourcing hub in the world due to its vast pool of resources and cheap labor costs. And PNI International has played a role in the outsourcing industry being in the decades of service to international clients.

One of the reasons to outsource is talents don’t need to work onsite or no deployment is required since the project is not tackled in the client’s country. This service is especially valuable in the areas of customer service, technology, accounting, telemarketing and design rendering.

Through outsourced contract services, we take part as ‘sub-contractor’ for the specific task or project you would like to manage offshore. We actively search for the necessary talents and provide a full service bundled for the client’s benefit.

Strategic Staffing

We understand that each client is unique and have special and unique needs. Our flexibility allows us to create an arrangement which incorporates the various aspects of our different services. This in turn allows us to ‘customize’ the service to better respond to the client’s particular requirements

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