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Maintenance Technician Mechanical - Tetrapak
Date Posted: 2018-01-16 01:32:22
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  • I. Minimum Requirements At Joining:     
    • Specialized Experience:     
      • 5 years hand-on experience on Tetra-Pak machines like TBA/19, TBA/22, TBA/8, A3 Flex, A3 Compac Flex and DE machines;
      • Having PLC knowledge will also be an advantage
    • Education Level     
      • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
    • Languages:     
      • Excellent communication skills in English (Read, write and speak)
  • II. Major Functions     
    • To ensure that Machinery and equipment are maintained and any mechanical issues are resolved in a timely manner.
    • To attend breakdowns of Machinery.
    • To carry out Preventive Maintenance.
  • III. Basic Duties & Responsibilities     [Time Spent%: 100]
    • Technical Responsibilities     [Time Spent%: 80]

    §  To perform PreventiveMaintenance and services.

    §  Attend and analyze the cause of Mechanicalbreakdown.

        • To handle assigned work independently.
        • To attend breakdowns on the Machines.
        • Follow Supervisors instructions.
        • Attend technical problems in timely manner
        • Upgrade & install new equipment in Plant wherever require
        • Suggest areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions.
      • Administrative Responsibilities     [Time Spent%: 10]
        • Issue spare parts.
        • Create work orders.

    §  Monitoring and optimizing thePreventive maintenance program in Maximo.

      • General Responsibilities     [Time Spent%: 10]
        • Processes any cross training as mandated by the line.
        • Alternates for colleagues when requested by the Supervisor.
        • Maintain good personal hygiene.
        • Performs any duty assigned by the Supervisors.
    • IV. Competencies     [Weight %: 4]
      • Mechanical skills.   [Weight%: 40]
      • Problem solving     [Weight%: 30]
      • Communication skills     [Weight%: 20]
      • Disciplined     [Weight%: 10]


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