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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has PNI International been in the recruitment industry?
PNI International has been in the industry since 1999 catering to international clients.

2. Is PNI International an accredited agency?
PNI International is accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) with license no. POEA-249-LB-121211-R for land-based recruitment and placement.

3. What industries is PNI International strong at?
PNI International has specialization in construction & engineering followed by hospitality, healthcare, telecom, oil & gas, retail and manufacturing.

4. How do we communicate with your office if we need more information.
You may contact us through or you may drop us a phone call at +632 631 5206 or +632 6310173.


1. What is the role of Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)?
An employer must submit formality documents to the nearest POLO at the Philippine Consulate/Embassy for authentication. This process ascertains the existence of the company and the need for Filipino manpower.

2. What are the documents needed?
1. Job Order Request / Confirmation
2. Special Power of Attorney
3. Master Employment Contract
4. Copy of the Principal’s Business Registration
5. Valid ID of the Authorized Signatory

3. What is POEA?
POEA stands for Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. It’s a government body which regulates sending Filipino workers abroad.

4.What is Accreditation?
Accreditation is done by POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration). POEA is Philippine government’s primary regulatory body on overseas employment. An employer must be accredited by POEA to determine whether or not the company is officially recognized and authorized to employ overseas workers.

5.Who should apply for Work Permits?
Depending on the job location, work permits applied provided for the candidate by the Employer to be able PNI International to process candidate’s deployment requirements.

6. How much is the general service fee?
General service fees depend on the type of service desired by the client.

7. How much is cost of the Executive Search service?
Range of fees depends on the number of candidates required and their salary range. Generally, fees are calculated based on the annual salary of the candidate selected.

8. How long does deployment take?
Deployment of candidates approximately takes three weeks, as it depends upon the process of documents and requirements of country of deployment.

9. Who does the final interview selection?
The employers usually do final interview of screened candidates.


1. How do I apply?
The applicant can either apply directly to PNI International’s office or apply online at

2. Will I be interviewed after submitting my resume?
If your skills and experience are suited to particular positions available, then you be called for an interview.

3. How do I update my resume?
If you have an existing account on PNIJobs, you may log in to update your details.

4. Should I pay any fees?
PNI International does not charge placement fees.

4. Should I pay any fees?
PNI International does no charge placement fees.

5. Countries we send people
PNI International deploys thousands of Filipino workers in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

6. To do's during interview proper

  • Comprehensive resume
  • Passport copy should be submitted
  • Latest medical exam results copy and technical results should be submitted
  • Proper grooming
  • Communication skills

7. How will I know if I pass the interview?
As soon as the final selection of the employer is done, PNI International will be of contact.

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