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Pinoy ad exec carving a niche in Dubai's diverse music scene
22 Jan 2013
AL AIN, United Arab Emirates
In between his job as a communications practitioner here, overseas Filipino worker Nicholo Jallores would sing, dance, host events, and teach music.
All because of love.
�I love singing,� says the 30-year-old advertising account executive of Creo/Illustrado Magazine, adding he's not �the kind who needs an album to feel fulfilled.�
�Having people who are willing to hear me perform live is enough gratification for me, he shares through email. [Hear samples here.]
And that is why Jallores is such a familiar face at the Le Meridien Hotel in Al Garhoud in Dubai.
Jallores has been singing since he was in college, inspired by the likes of Sting, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Sam Cooke, and Ella Fitzgerald. Before entering the corporate workforce in the UAE, he was a performer at a five-star hotel.
Dubai music scene
Jallores describes the music scene in Dubai as �diverse.�
�The music scene in Dubai is very diverse, and when people go out to party, they really want to party,� he says. �They look forward to being entertained.�
Jallores, who had performed in front of Filipinos, westerners, and fellow Asians, says �it would be shortsighted and over-simplistic to just have one omnibus style of performance for all nationalities.�
�You have to be flexible and responsive when it comes to crafting your set. You have to please everyone, but at the same time you don't want to sound boring and generic,� he shares.
A fun challenge
But since he had been performing for quite a while to date, Jallores does not find it challenging anymore.
�It's a fun job�and I use the term 'job' here very loosely. It's an awesome opportunity, and I take not one second of it for granted. [But] the challenge manifests in the rehearsals and in picking the right songs for the repertoire,� he says.
Not all singing days, however, are fun.
�Of course, when a singer gets sick, it's really quite depressing,� Jallores says. �You feel like a cripple. But other than that, singing is a hoot. Show me the singer who says his job is difficult, and I'll slap him.�
Still, Jallores says he'll be a singer �forever.�
�But I don't intend to sing professionally forever. I love singing, but when it starts to feel like a job, I would probably stop doing it,� he adds. � KBK, GMA News
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