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How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Interview
September 03, 2014, 21 hrs ago
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    Dress appropriately and be immaculately groomed. These are things over which you do have control, so make the most of them. Since first impressions count, introduce yourself with style before you even open your mouth.
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    Walk into an interview confidently. Avoid slouching, slumping or crossing your body with your arms. You are going in to win, so look the part.
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    Greet your interviewers immediately. Offer your hand for a handshake, make eye contact and smile. Ask them how they are doing and make a polite response to their reply.
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    Open your interview with a comment about being pleased to have the opportunity to be interviewed by the firm or organization. Thank the interviewers for the opportunity. This should be brief, genuine and not flowery.
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    When asked to sum up who you are, be ready for such a question. How would you describe yourself? Write a list now and remove non-job related qualities to arrive at your list for a job interview. Craft this into a neat, short reply that sums up who you truly are.
    • Many books about finding a career have lists of excellent words you can use to describe your attributes.
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    When asked questions at the start about why you want the job, be prepared with an interesting and genuine statement. This is one question you can definitely rehearse and put feeling into; don't let it be a question that takes you by surprise!
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    Enjoy the rest of your interview. If you've made a good impression by this point, the rest is simply about displaying your knowledge and your confidence level should be boosted.
Source: WikiHow

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