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Excellent People for Telecommunications
September 2, 2014, 1 day ago
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Excellent People for Telecommunications

Today, telecommunications plays a major role in every aspect of life. It makes the world closer by transmitting information over significant distances to be in touch using communication channels like radio, television, telephone, smart phones and even broadband which is recently associated on wireless phones and tablets where all of these help boost personal, social, business and global impact. These great changes are only made possible by those people who have shown their commitment, passion and hardwork towards the job. All of these phenomenal and dramatic changes, PNI International has been there with the biggest telecommunications and engineering companies from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and the Middle East.

What makes PNI International expert in recruitment for telecom and engineering is that we understand and speak your language. We work hand in hand with our clients and through our highly skilled consultants and personalized headhunting methods, we believe that our know-how meets your requirements to fill the position whether electronic and communications, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and or general engineering disciplines. All of these made PNI International the most effective and efficient recruitment company in the Philippines.

Since we have been serving the industry for more than a decade, PNI International assures our Clients to supply the best manpower and workforce. If you are looking for people whether to design electronic circuits, devices and systems, PNI International is there to help you. Most of the candidates we have deployed have contributed in building clear telecommunication lines.

Hire people from us to work with the transmission channels such as coax cable, free space and optical fiber and those candidates who can determine and analyze transmission characteristics of a system accurately and fast. In screening candidates, we take attitude personality, aptitude and flexibility that can adapt changes on the job both for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

PNI International provides people with experience from Cell Tower Site Design like Architectural Site Lay-out, Structural Steel Design and Detailing, Concrete Foundation Design to actual construction site like clearing tower grounding, erection to supply and commissioning of generators. And we already deployed candidates that have extensive background in building Telecom Towers, Power Transmission Line Towers, Radar and Navigation Towers, Guyed Towers and Monopole Towers.

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